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One of the top reasons I am successful on Etsy is due to being found in Etsy search. My knowledge and application of SEO is the main reason why I am relevant for almost every keyword phrase in my industry - yup, check for yourself, you will find my items in the first 5 pages for every keyword phrase that pertains to my business.

In this SEO guide, I will teach you the EXACT methods and steps to get your Etsy shop to be relevant and come up in Etsy search. While SEO isn't the only factor to getting to the top, it sure is the main reason.

Here is what you will learn:

1) What is Etsy SEO and why is it important?

2) How to find your BEST keywords

3) How to create Titles and Tags to be found in Etsy search

4) Rock star tricks to super charge your SEO

5) FAQ section to help you with any questions that may come up

It also includes THREE bonus videos!!!


You will learn:

1) How to check if your category/items are in demand

2) How much of a demand

3) How saturated your category/items are compared to the number of buyers searching for it.

4) How to test new product ideas for their success rate before you commit to increasing inventory.


You will learn:

1) How to check how much ACTUAL competitors you have for keyword phrases

2) How quickly you should expect to see results (moving up to the top of the search results) based on this method that I teach you.

3) Help you determine which of your keyword phrases will give you a much better result than others.


Case Studies:

1) I will go over several real item listings to determine how well they applied SEO

2) What opportunities they have with SEO

3) How to fix their SEO Mistakes

4) Helps you think outside the box when coming up with keyword phrase ideas to help get your listing found.

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Dalia Abdalla
Dalia Abdalla

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