Rock Your Descriptions

A Step by Step Course to help you Create beautifully written descriptions that get customers to buy!

What if your product descriptions attracted customers who want to buy, increased your conversions, and gave you a professional look to your shop that have your customers trust you?

Well, guess what?


Here are a few things that may sound familiar....

"I don't know how to write a great description."

"I struggle with finding the words to make my description sound professional."

"I don't know what I'm missing in my description, my customers don't want to buy."

"I'm getting views, but not enough buyers."

"This all feels like a lot of work for something that I'm not 100% sure if it will help me."

If any of this (or all of this) sounds familiar, raise your hand!

Now I want you to imagine a world where.....

In order to create an enticing description, it is as simple as plugging in a few words in a formula

You can have descriptions that make you look professional and have the customer trust you enough to buy from you

You can have a beautifully written description that connects with your buyer on a personal level

Sound awesome? Yep...

Now let me introduce you to my secret weapon to getting customers to convert into buyers


A Step-by-Step course to help you create beautifully written descriptions like the pros!


What's included, you ask?

1) Lifetime access to the course and all of its upgrades

2) 13 Step by Step Videos to help you write a better description

3) Worksheets to help you along the course to take actionable steps

Let's take a look at what you will learn in each video


The importance of a great description. It's important to understand why descriptions are important and what it does for your product listing, how it connects with your buyers and what makes them open their wallet.

What are the features of your product?

In this video, we will go over what are features and how to identify the features of your product. It's important to clearly explain what your features are to help the buyer make an informed decision.

What are the benefits of your product?

It's the benefits that SELL the product. In this video you will understand the benefits of your products and learn how to use them to connect with your buyer.

Easy to Follow Formula to write your Description

In this video, I will show you my easy to follow formula where you can literally plug in a few words and have a beautifully written description in minutes.

The ONE thing that will Enhance your Descriptions

In this video I will show you one trick that will super charge your descriptions. It includes a few worksheets so you don't have to do any of the hard work!

The ONE thing you must know before you start

Motivational words for the soul :)

The 3 Description Essentials

This video will teach you 3 things you must do for your description that helps make it easier to read and skim whether you are on desktop or mobile. It's important not to make the customer work too hard to find the information they need.

The 5 OTHER things you MUST include in your Description for higher conversions!

In this video I will explain 5 other things besides the description that need to be included to get your customer to understand what they are buying, how to get them buy and how to get them to stick around your shop!

I will help you become more comfortable with writing a beautiful description that can be used anywhere online.




So are you ready to create awesome descriptions to help make your descriptions look more professional and are more enticing to customers? Enroll now!


Your Instructor

Dalia Abdalla
Dalia Abdalla

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need help with my descriptions?
I find that most people do. If you struggle with forming a well written description that explains your product in a way that entices the customer then you definitely need help with your descriptions.
What if I already know everything you taught?
No way, There is nothing like my methods out there. Seriously, you cannot find this information out in the world. This is content I created myself. If you really think you got an awesome description and don't need any help, I invite you to email me at [email protected] with a couple of links to your product and I will give you my honest opinion.
How will I know if this course will work for me?
You get as much out of it as you put into it. I designed this course to help online sellers who struggle with writing a great description. I know the struggles on being bombarded with information so I made sure to lay out the information in an easy to follow and step by step system that you can't screw up
If I buy now, can I watch later?
Sure! You can do this course at your own pace and whenever you want. Heck, you can do it at 4am if you wish.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Do I get access to upgrades and new content you add to this course?
Yep, absolutely! The internet and how people shop online is changing everyday so it's only expected that this course will be upgraded and updated as time passes and you will automatically get access to all that good stuff!

Get started now!